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Derek’s latest article on Intergenerational Families:

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Watch Derek Lobo’s latest Quarterly Apartment Download!

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The Agenda With Steve Paikin (featuring Derek Lobo) | Why Do Renters Pay Higher Property Taxes?

What We Do

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Derek Lobo and his team provide unique industry services covering the complete project cycle from feasibility through to sale.

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Rock Advisors are exclusively passionate about apartments and are the leaders in private and institutional multifamily brokerage. We provide the industry’s best investment real estate research, advisory, and transaction services. As multifamily brokerage specialists, we provide unparalleled market knowledge, access to qualified investors, and transaction expertise

Apartment Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is a top priority and the private sector is the path for the solution! We show developers how they can get higher returns on their Apartment Affordable Housing projects and the numerous other benefits relating to these projects.

Student Housing

With specific knowledge that impacts the sale and leasing of charter school properties, we understand how to add value across all aspects of the student housing property spectrum.

Land Investments

Our team of land and development specialists are experts in serving all clients’ needs. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell ready-to-build pads or to work on large parcels, our team has the right expertise.

Research and Feasibility

 Rock Advisors provides multifamily developers with proven strategies and advice. Our Apartment Market Research and Analysis team has significant experience advising and representing purpose-built apartment developers and private equity investors, in multifamily.

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