Take your leasing career to the next level. There is no other leasing workshop like it, anywhere!

Q3 Dates for 2024: August 13 – September 5

1 Vacancy closed is $2k. You save $1k by attending our workshop and closing just 1 deal!:


Rent more apartments, decrease vacancy rates, and become the go-to-person for results.

Perfect Your Leasing Strategy

Advance Your Real Estate Career

Increase Your Property Value

Close More Leases

Your High-Performance Leasing Workshop Live Training Includes:


  • Seven live keynote training sessions with Dr. Vanessa D’sa

  • Virtual coaching and live Q&A

  • Live role-playing exercises

  • Digital slide decks, live quizzes, and interactive polls

  • Breakout sessions for brainstorming with your peers

  • Loads of free scripts and leasing tools

  • 150-page digital workbook

  • Final online exam

  • Certificate of completion

100% satisfaction guarantee

Dr. Vanessa D’sa PhD

Manager of Education

7 interactive sessions will show you how to master:

  • Turning phone and internet leads into appointments

  • Understand client needs to provide a curated leasing experience

  • Overcome objections skillfully

  • Close with confidence (and 18 different techniques!)

  • Follow-up in an engaging way

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We recommend enabling your camera for the entire Webinar and actively participating in break-out rooms for the best experience from this Workshop. SVN Rock Advisors may reschedule this event based on the number of participants.