• Real estate developers live longer lives

    After having conversations with hundreds of real estate developers, and non-developers, and comparing their thinking, attitudes and courage, I am confidently making this statement: “Real estate developers live longer than most people.”  People typically think living longer depends mostly on nutrition and health habits. For sure those decisions do play an important part, but it [...]
  • The progressive nature of the Town of Shediac

    In our 35 years of consulting and brokerage, we have never been retained by a municipality. We have completed over 700 feasibility studies in Canada and our clients are typically apartment developers, hotel developers, shopping entre owners or office owners who are looking to pivot to apartment development. The Town of Shediac, N.B., contacted us [...]
  • Where to look for land

    Where to Look for Land Land acquisition is a multi-year undertaking. It requires time and research to find suitable land, navigate municipal requirements, assemble a team of professionals, structure a deal, begin due diligence, get the required approvals, close, get permits, have contractors ready, and finally, find financing. Finding Opportunities In the quest for finding [...]
  • A Family Affair

    Let’s face it, managing a multi-unit dwelling is anything but simple, especially when it’s jointly owned with family (or others). Over the last 50 years, real estate has helped create significant wealth for what are now second and third-generation families and partners. In many instances, the initial builders or founders have passed [...]