• SOLD: Whispering Winds Apartments

    SVN Rock Advisors Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of Whispering Winds Apartments, two mid-rise new construction apartment buildings in Orleans, Ontario. Orleans is a growing community within a 15-minute drive from downtown Ottawa. The 2 Buildings have 52 suites combined, are both elevatored and feature a fully-equipped fitness room in each building and [...]
  • Toronto Multifamily New Construction

    Toronto Multifamily New Construction   Feds invest in new Toronto rental development The federal government announced plans to invest $147 million through its RCFi initiative toward the construction of 514 residential units located at 3415 Weston Road in Toronto. RCFi, CMHC’s Rental Construction Financing Initiative, supports the construction of new rental housing aimed at middle class and […]

  • The Battle Between Wood and Concrete

    The Battle Between Wood and Concrete New construction techniques promise changes to the apartment development industry, but materials interests should not be afraid. When it comes to building mid-rise multifamily residential buildings, there’s a new kid in town. Wood frame construction is already shaking up the development industry, prompting people behind the traditional ways of [...]
  • Build the Apartments

    Looking Beyond the Easy Data Developers Need to Look Deeper to Build the Apartments in the Marketplace. Mark Twain popularized the saying, “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” The saying actually was first attributed to British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli. The words may be wise, but I find it to […]

  • Mixed-Use Developments

    Our Understanding of Mixed-Use Developments Evolves as Developers Learn from Successes and Failures   by Sally Turner, Director, Research & Consultancy   The boom in new multifamily housing continues to attract Mixed-Use developers and investors to transform the urban and suburban landscape. New high-rise developments are adding density, pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, and diverse, vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhoods, […]

  • Apartment demand strong across Canada

    Apartment Demand   “There’s enough demand everywhere in Canada to build apartments.” That’s how Derek Lobo, chief executive officer of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage and founder of the AptCon 19 rental apartment development conference, opened his state of the nation address at the eighth annual event in Toronto. After conducting hundreds of feasibility studies, […]

  • Investing in American Real Estate

    The Surprising Challenges of Investing in American Real Estate   By SVN Rock Advisors Cross Border Group Real estate is one of the most sought-after investment vehicles. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, or multifamily residential, these investments offer considerable passive income and appreciation. Investing in American Real Estate is a sound investment.  The United States, being […]