Multifamily Advisors for Purpose Built Apartment Developers

 Consulting for Purpose Built

Apartment Construction

Multifamily Advisory Services

From Acquisition, Consultation, Feasibility Studies, Lease-up to Final Disposition, SVN Rock Advisors has the Multifamily Experience to Help Developers Succeed.

We believe that purpose built new apartment construction represents the best real estate development opportunity across Canada, and we are committed to providing our clients with a full complement of services to facilitate this profitable opportunity.

Our multifamily advisory services includes:

  • Determining Unit Mix and Floor Plan Layouts
  • Overall Site Planning Advice
  • Exterior Design Recommendations
  •  Interior Design Review Based on Targeted Renters Personas
  • Apartment  & Common Area Guidance
  • Functionality Audits at Different Stages of the Process
  • Strategy Development for the Market and Project
  • Rental Structure and Pricing Analysis
  • Target Market  and Personas Defined
  • Market Trend Reports and Analysis
  • Product Supply Analysis
  • Floorplan Functionality Analysis
  • Create maximum value for the developer

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