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Derek Lobo

Founder and CEO, SVN Rock Advisors Inc.

Renters often pay higher municipal taxes than homeowners

I was recently interviewed by Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda about a little-known disparity between municipal taxes charged to homeowners and residential tenants in Ontario…

December 16, 2021

Forward sales of multiresidential properties: A win-win

Over the years, we have worked with countless apartment developers across Canada…

November 29, 2021

O’Toole, Singh, Trudeau Miss the Mark on Affordable Housing

Each of the three main candidates vying for prime minister in the next election have highlighted this: Canada needs more affordable housing. Each one has different ideas as to how to address this growing need, and each one suggests it is a complicated and complex process…

September 8, 2021

Immigration, Housing and the Private Development Industry

In the 20-year period around 1966, 500,000 apartments were built and that allowed many immigrants to come here, settle and subsequently thrive. This good-quality rental housing was part of the foundation of our Canadian experience…

August 19, 2021

When Real Estate is a Family Affair (and sometimes, a Family Feud)

The Apartment Building Expert by Derek Lobo, Founder and CEO , SVN Rock Advisors Inc. — Wow, the recent news surrounding the Libfeld v. Libfeld dispute is getting a lot of attention! This raises the profile of intergenerational real estate to a new level, as internal matters do not often make their way to a public audience…


Why Women Make Great Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial real estate, like some other fields in business, has been historically male-dominated, but that statistic is changing and for good reasons…

June 23, 2021

Perspectives on Multi-generational Family-owned Real Estate

Multigenerational real estate is anything but simple. Complex portfolios with complex family dynamics can often multiply as assets are transferred from generation to generation. Discover how other families have accomplished their goals when dealing with complex situations…

June 9, 2021

Anatomy of an Apartment Market Downturn

During an economic downturn it is crucial for owners and developers of purpose-built rental product to consider the intricacies of our industry and the multivariate nature of rental demand: Buildings exist within communities, and every community experiences the effects of a recession differently…

May 1, 2020

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July, 2021