Forward Sale Activation


  • Get your cash now
  • Assuring the sale
  • Secure the buyer NOW!
  • Take a discount now – eliminate risk
  • A win-win of both the developer & buyer

A forward sale is an option that developers consider in certain circumstances. What is a forward sale? It’s a binding contract between two parties to enter into a purchase and sale agreement at a fixed future date, the terms and conditions of which are agreed upon today.

Why a Forward Sale?

It’s a strong market today and as a developer, if you are looking to exit an existing apartment development project prior to stabilization, then a Forward Sale is a viable option. It is a complex sale and we’ve executed more of these deals than anyone else in the country.

Why would you want to exit early? There are many possible scenarios:

  • A new opportunity is available to you now
  • Expensive mezzanine financing is creating a burden
  • Your multi-phase project is filled with decisions and complexities
  • You are a merchant apartment developer capitalizing on the current market

Regardless of your exact situation, having the assurance of pre-sold scenario brings a new landscape and flexibility to your future planning.

Making it Happen – Your Options

Forward Sale

Most importantly, work with a brokerage team that has the skills, experience, and understands the complexity of this deal structure. We have extensive experience assembling Forward Sale deals of all shapes and sizes.

It is all about taking a discount, as a developer, and minimizing risk. Our firm is not the prototypical brokerage team — our capabilities span the entire timeline of apartment development projects. We are often involved in the marketing, lease-up, and revenue management of new apartment construction (we don’t have to be, but we’re available to assist).

Stabilized Asset

The traditional path is the creation of a stabilized apartment building, prior to sale. Execution of this path is in our wheelhouse!

  • Assist developers in getting the highest rent possible, to exit the deal
  • We bring our complete marketing, lease-up, and revenue management skills/coaching to your team – to maximize your sale price
  • Revenue management for maximizing attainable rents – a $0.20/ft2 difference can mean millions of dollars gained or lost!

Regardless of where you are in the project timeline, we have FULL Service Experience™ capabilities to help you drive revenue and get you the highest price for your apartment building!

Check out our clients who’ve already executed successful forward sales:


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