How Do You Prepare For Financial Modelling?


Document your objectives:

  • This is the discovery portion ask smart questions listen define strategy
  • Building to keep or building to sell
  • Affordable vs. Market Rents? Associated Financing Options?
  • Energy Efficiency?
  • Do you need to satisfy investors? Or do you have investors?
  • Are you going to build it, JV, take project to SPA then sell

Do you own the land?

  • Under contract on land & trying to decide if you will close on the land
  • Own the land, (free-and-clear vs. debt)

Financing Programs

  • Conventional
  • Mezzanine
  • CMHC MLI Select
  • CMHC Apartment construction Loan Program (RCFI)
  • CMHC CoInvestment Fund


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