• Rental Rates Will Spike in Mississauga

    Purpose Build Apartments in Demand Why we need to build more rental apartments? SVN Rock Advisors monitors purpose build apartments across Canada through it’s Apartment Crane Report While sky-high house prices have dominated headlines for years (and especially during the spike in 2017), the worrying state of the rental market has not gone unnoticed. And […]

  • Apartment Crane Watch: Nearly 3,200 apartment rental units under construction

    A screenshot of the Toronto Apartment Crane Watch map and database. (Courtesy SVN Rock Advisors) Apartment Crane Watch   SVN Rock Advisors has launched a new tool, the Apartment Crane Watch, for users to track the latest purpose-built rental apartment construction projects in Toronto. Apartment Crane Watch is an online map and database which details apartment [...]
  • Apartment Development Strategies

    Apartment Development Strategies: MEP Strategies to Optimize Your Competitive Edge Purposeful mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design can enhance your apartment development strategies and market position by decreasing costs and improving ROI. By Andrew Lasse Myhre Group Architects In the competitive multifamily industry, developers are always seeking ways to enhance their market position and apartment development […]

  • Kickoff 2018 New Apartment Development Webinar

    Watch the Kickoff 2018 New Apartment Development Webinar Recording here. Flip through the slides from the webinar in the PDF above. Kickoff 2018 With Our New Apartment Development Webinar Derek Lobo was joined on screen by Heather Kirk, Managing Director, Equity Research at BMO Capital Markets, and Paula Gasparro, Manager, Multi-Unit Mortgage Insurance at Canada [...]
  • Renovating Apartments for Profit

    Landlords Need to Spend Money to Make Money   From 1975 to 1998, rent control in Ontario stifled the maintenance of apartments. When landlords weren’t allowed to raise rents higher than the statutory limit, they had little incentive to upgrade their properties. Not only did construction of new apartment buildings essentially grind to a halt, the remaining [...]
  • How to Finance New Apartments

    In the past five years, purpose-built rental apartments have led the real estate sector in terms of return on investment. The demographics have shifted, vacancy rates are dropping and average rents are rising. With demand outpacing supply, the incentives to build new apartments increase. Already, in cities like London and Halifax, cranes are rising to [...]
  • Student Housing a Great Learning Experience

    There has never been a better time to invest in student rental housing in Ontario. The market is booming in many centres in this province, resulting in big transactions and new construction.   And yet, challenges exist for student housing developers that don’t exist for developers of other rental accommodations. For those developers who might [...]
  • How to be Prudent in Today’s Apartment Industry

    These are good days to be invested in the purpose-built rental apartment industry. Vacancy rates are low, average rents are rising, and new apartments are riding the perfect storm of limited supply and increasing demand. Cap rates have compressed to record lows, and apartments have been selling for some of the highest prices in Canadian [...]
  • Technology in the Apartment Industry. Do You Have What It Takes?

    Despite the fact we are over ten years into the new millennium, it feels as though much of the apartment industry is stuck in the 1950s. Property management, leasing and marketing generate loads of paper, and we're reaching out to buyers and prospective tenants through hard-copy, radio and television ads and other yesterday's technology.   [...]