In our 35 years of consulting and brokerage, we have never been retained by a municipality.

We have completed over 700 feasibility studies in Canada and our clients are typically apartment developers, hotel developers, shopping entre owners or office owners who are looking to pivot to apartment development.

The Town of Shediac, N.B., contacted us to do a feasibility study on apartment development. They wanted to be proactive and create a plan to attract developers to build purpose-built rental housing and affordable housing in their community.

We found it particularly interesting that a municipality was taking the lead on enticing developers to their area to build purpose-built rentals and affordable housing. Shediac saw the need and looked for a way to fill it.

Our feasibility study focused on the demographics of Shediac; identifying the existing renter type, the future renter that could come there, and then creating a policy to encourage development.

We met with Mayor Roger Caissie, Deputy Mayor Jean-Claude Bertin, Director of Economic Development Danny Pellerin and Councilors Paul Boudreau and Janice Cormier.

This group of town officials were proactive in taking the steps to understand how developers think and what the municipality can do to help solve the need for housing in their community.