Work on real deals with a great team.
Specialise in apartments and student housing, not cold calls.

As a co-brokering partner in selling apartment buildings, ROCK will assist you in many ways, and this series of videos will help you understand the ROCK platform. Initially we will help define a strategy for us to work together. A ROCK broker will work with you to identify the buyers and sellers in your marketplace, and how we can serve them best. Secondly, underwriting. Once we’ve found the seller will help you determine the value of the building. Third, we will produce marketing materials and give you strong back office support. We have a strong back room that will help you produce all the marketing materials you need to help you through all the steps to the sale – from winning the listing right through to closing. Our database. Through our database we have a wide reach of apartment buyers and sellers throughout Canada. Winning more listings. All of our resources are there to help you win more listings. We’re your co-brokerage partner and we’re there standing side by side with you through the listing process. Assisting with negotiations. We’ve transacted hundreds of millions of apartment sales in the past few years, and we can help you through complex negotiations. We have lots of experience doing transactions from smaller buildings, to new construction, to student housing and we are just there working with you. As your partner we have a common goal – to get the deal over the goal line and do what it takes to get the deal done.