There are 5 Key Questions apartment developers ask us.

For each question, there is much to consider before making any decisions


Investors and developers should commission an apartment construction feasibility study from industry experts to gain essential insights before proceeding with their projects.


Should I Build?

Data to Consider:

  • Population Gains Projected by Region
  • Homeownership Rate
  • Growth in Rental Households
  • Historical Rental Vacancy Rates
  • & More

Where Should I Build?

Data to Consider:

  • What Makes A Good Rental Site
  • The Difference Between A Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Site
  • Advantages of Secondary & Tertiary Sites
  • & More

What Should I Build?

Data to Consider:

  • Design (Amenities, Units, Other)
  • Intensification
  • Target Renter
  • Unit Size & Mix
  • Parking
  • & More

How Much Should I Build?

Data to Consider:

  • Rental Density
  • The Depth of the Market
  • Under-Supplied Markets & Population Growth Projections
  • Leasing & Absorption Rates
  • & More

Does This Deal Work?

Data to Consider:

  • Four Factors that Drive Rent
  • Competitive Rental Market
  • Comparables – New and Old
  • Setting Rents
  • & More


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