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  • Multifamily Asset Manager

    Apartment Property Manager vs. Multifamily Asset Manager  Multifamily Asset Manager, by contrast to the apartment property manager, is concerned with maximizing the revenue potential of each property and identifying new ways to create and grow longer-term value in the property as an owned asset. While often used interchangeably, it’s important to realize that the roles […]

  • What Time is the Right Time for Apartment Building Disposition?

      What Time is the Right Time for Apartment Building Disposition? By SVN Rock Advisors The answer to the question of what the best time is for apartment building disposition is one of those that changes depending on who asks. From the numerous calls building owners receive from multifamily brokerage firms, the best time to […]

  • Apartment Developers Feel the Boom

    Apartment Developers Feel the Boom New Luxury Purpose Built Rental Developments Address Booming Toronto Market For all the reports of a housing bubble in Toronto, Toronto’s purpose-built rental apartment market is defying concerns and showing intense demand that is attracting the interest of apartment developers and investors. New developments are offering relief to renters struggling […]

  • Annual AptCon Apartment Conference

    Annual AptCon Apartment Conference Returns to Toronto in May Rental apartments are seeing a resurgence in Toronto and the surrounding region. Rising land values and a tight rental market had already triggered a wave of new purpose-built rental projects over the last few years when the late 2018 elimination of rent controls on new buildings […]

  • Montreal Apartment Market

    Montreal Apartment Market As seen on Rentx Montreal Apartment Market benefit from change in mentality Patrice Ménard, co-owner and real estate broker at PMML, said a change in mentality has also led to the construction of more new rentals in Montreal. “I am a tenant by choice,” is the view held by both the young […]

  • Buying and Selling Apartments

    Buying and Selling Apartments How to Ease Buyer Financing and Close Your Apartment Sale on Time When buying and selling apartments, the number one reason why deals fall apart is because of a problem with financing. In this heated marketplace, a apartment seller may think that they don’t have to worry about how a buyer [...]
  • Future of Apartment Amenities

    Canadian Apartment Developers Look to the United States for the Future of Apartment Amenities America offers lessons on how developers can attract and keep prospective residents while increasing income through apartment amenities. As the Canadian purpose-built rental apartment industry grows, apartment developers are under increasing pressure to innovate. Rents may be rising, and vacancies may […]

  • Market Feasibility Study For Unit Mix

    Market Feasibility Study For Unit Mix Unit Mix For Today’s Apartment Developers The unit mix by size and type should be based on the results of the market feasibility study. When it comes to unit size and mix trends, factors are driven by market dynamics, which includes location, demographics, and size of the apartment development. […]

  • Companies Are Betting on Apartment Rentals

    Amid Record Immigration in Canada, Companies Are Betting on Rentals As seen on Bloomberg Bentall Kennedy LP, the real estate arm of insurer Sun Life Financial Inc., is boosting its exposure to rental apartments as immigration in Canada’s biggest city booms. The Toronto-based firm, which managed C$22 billion ($17 billion) of assets in Canada as […]

  • Rental Market Figures as Reported by GTA Realtors®

    Rental Market Reports   SVN Rock Advisors Call us for more rental market reports. We are Multifamily Specialists in Brokerage, Feasibility Studies, Purpose Built Apartment Development Consulting, Asset Management, Lease-ups & Value Creation. TORONTO, Jan. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Toronto Real Estate Board President Garry Bhaura announced that, based on rental listings and transactions […]

  • Canadian Purpose Built Student Accommodation News

    Canadian Purpose Built Student Accommodation: Huge demand for student housing makes it a lucrative opportunity for investors As enrolment at Canada’s universities and colleges continues to grow, the space for lecture halls, labs and academic offices is becoming scarcer. The same goes for on- and off-campus student housing. More than 1.5 million full-time students are […]

  • Purpose Built Rental Units Needed

    Purpose Built Rental Units Needed As seen in Real Estate News, Renting Toronto Toronto Rent Continues To Top The Tight Canadian Rental Market by Sarah Niedoba Toronto’s rental market has been getting tighter and tighter in recent months, and December was no exception.The average rent for a Canadian property rose 1.3 per cent month-over-month last […]