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  • Renovating Apartments for Profit

    Landlords Need to Spend Money to Make Money   From 1975 to 1998, rent control in Ontario stifled the maintenance of apartments. When landlords weren’t allowed to raise rents higher than the statutory limit, they had little incentive to upgrade their properties. Not only did construction of new apartment buildings essentially grind to a halt, the remaining [...]
  • How to Finance New Apartments

    In the past five years, purpose-built rental apartments have led the real estate sector in terms of return on investment. The demographics have shifted, vacancy rates are dropping and average rents are rising. With demand outpacing supply, the incentives to build new apartments increase. Already, in cities like London and Halifax, cranes are rising to [...]
  • Student Housing a Great Learning Experience

    There has never been a better time to invest in student rental housing in Ontario. The market is booming in many centres in this province, resulting in big transactions and new construction.   And yet, challenges exist for student housing developers that don’t exist for developers of other rental accommodations. For those developers who might [...]
  • How to be Prudent in Today’s Apartment Industry

    These are good days to be invested in the purpose-built rental apartment industry. Vacancy rates are low, average rents are rising, and new apartments are riding the perfect storm of limited supply and increasing demand. Cap rates have compressed to record lows, and apartments have been selling for some of the highest prices in Canadian [...]
  • Taking the Mystery out of Mystery Shopping

    As a typical apartment owner, you can’t be everywhere at once. You can’t always be fixing the plumbing, handling rent cheques, or, most importantly, giving tours of vacant apartments and keeping your building filled. You have a staff that handles these tasks. But how can you tell how well your staff is doing? You’ll quickly [...]