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  • Buying and Selling Apartments

    Buying and Selling Apartments How to Ease Buyer Financing and Close Your Apartment Sale on Time When buying and selling apartments, the number one reason why deals fall apart is because of a problem with financing. In this heated marketplace, a apartment seller may think that they don’t have to worry about how a buyer [...]
  • 5 Purpose Built Apartment Rental Pricing Strategies

    What Apartment Lease-Up Pricing Strategy Are You Using?  By SVN Rock Advisors   Purpose Built Apartment Rental Pricing Strategies. When can an apartment building be like an airplane? When you set prices to fill the available spots. Dynamic pricing is increasingly used to achieve the optimum sales at any given time. Airlines have been selling […]

  • How to be Prudent in Today’s Apartment Industry

    These are good days to be invested in the purpose-built rental apartment industry. Vacancy rates are low, average rents are rising, and new apartments are riding the perfect storm of limited supply and increasing demand. Cap rates have compressed to record lows, and apartments have been selling for some of the highest prices in Canadian [...]
  • Condominiums are Incubating the Next Rental Apartment Boom

    In Canada, especially in heated real estate markets like Vancouver and Toronto, pundits are looking at the rush of condominium construction and wondering if this will be bad for the real estate market. Thus far, however, the condominium market has defied expectations and continues to grow.  One reason for this is that while some of […]

  • Learning self-storage helps me better understand apartments

    It’s good to find the right niche when it comes to brokering real estate. For years, I’ve focused on the purpose-built rental apartment industry, which many brokers overlook. I’ve learned the unique opportunities of this sector, and the challenges of building management. One shouldn’t overlook other sectors, however. It’s not only fascinating to see the […]

  • Sperry Van Ness, Rock shake up CRE market

    Rock Advisors Inc. CEO Derek Lobo is excited about linking up with Sperry Van Ness International Corp., one of the biggest commercial real estate brokerage franchisors in the U.S., and in the process altering “a cosy market in Canada.” Sperry Van Ness“SVN is a company that specializes in the mid-market, in the under-$5 (million) and […]