• Apartment Real Estate Investments Undervalued, Time to Develop Apartments

    Canadian REITs yielding more than American counterparts The value of shares in Canadian real estate investment trusts remain stubbornly low, according to financial experts, saying that their performance on the stock market does not reflect their performance in the industry. Experts have listed shares of Canadian REITs as good long-term buys as a result. The […]

  • Brokers Should Cooperate

    At SVN Rock Advisors Inc., we believe in co-brokerage. We believe the industry as a whole, and everybody in it, benefits if brokers work together to bring deals to the wider marketplace. And don’t take our word for it. We asked the Ivey School of Business to study the co-brokerage phenomenon. Their report, Ivey Study [...]
  • Why Buyers Choose Us

    The SVN Rock Advantage We spent two years building a database of every building in the province. It allows us to pinpoint who owns what and to locate any building geographically. For example, if you wanted to buy an apartment building near a university because you were a student housing specialist, you would punch in [...]
  • Financing Apartment Buildings

    One of the most important aspects to achieve the desired rate of return that developers of apartments often overlook is acquiring financing for their projects. The financing process has changed; lenders require more information and take a conservative approach to lending, making this a time consuming component of development that will tie up considerable equity. [...]
  • Best and Worst Places to Buy

    At SVN Rock Advisors, we have years of experience buying and selling apartments. We have seen rent controls give way to deregulation, we’ve seen cap rates fall to the lowest levels in history, and we’ve seen demographics shift to make apartment living more desirable for the wider population. Even so, there are places in Ontario [...]
  • The Valuation Process

    Guidelines to calculate the value of an apartment building in Canada When calculating the preliminary value of your building, there are a number of tools you can use, but you should be careful using or inputting wrong or outdated information. This will give you the wrong price. The condition of your building and its location [...]
  • The Rock Marketing Plan

    Our marketing process focuses on generating the highest price for a property based on current market conditions. We tailor the sales process to the specific property and to the targeted buyer. In a flat or escalating market, we have found that our bid process generates the highest price within 12 to 20 weeks, although we [...]
  • Our Buyers List

    SVN Rock maintains a database of all the active buyers in the country. When a fast sale is needed, we can have your building in the marketplace within twenty-four hours of signing the listing agreement, if necessary. Contact Us!Ready to learn more? Don't hesitate to send us a message for a confidential discussion: Contact Us
  • How Do I Pay Less Taxes?

    Taxes are a critical issue when it comes to selling your apartment property, but it is one that most apartment building owners rarely consider until it comes time to sell. This can cause some difficulties when trying to make a deal and agree on a fair price, so owners should consider the tax implications of [...]
  • How Do I Increase Revenue?

    There are a number of ways that you can reduce your costs and raise your revenues and generally improve your bottom line. It generally involves looking at your operations and asking the right questions. At SVN Rock, and through our sister company DALA, we’ve helped many apartment owners find the efficiencies they need to make [...]
  • How Do I Decrease Expenses?

    We at SVN Rock have helped many clients audit their buildings, finding inefficiencies that were holding back their bottom line. We can help you find money that’s literally blowing out the door. Here are some ideas below: How do I Save Electricity? Make changes to your apartment to use less energy. These can include replacing your [...]
  • Financing Apartment Buildings

    Most existing financing is likely to be a negative when selling your building. Most likely the mortgage is going to be less than what the buyer requires. SVN Rock can assist you in blending and extending your existing mortgage rate to reduce the overall interest rate and make your building more attractive. Do This Early! The […]