During the past four months, myself and about 20 others in the real estate industry have gotten together for an hour one Sunday morning each month to talk about our health and longevity.

The New Year is upon us and there’s a good chance you’re about to make a New Year’s Resolution about your health. We all do it every year and part of the reason we fail is because we try to do it alone – we don’t have a community.

The saying that your intelligence level is probably that of the average of your five closest friends most likely applies to your weight and overall health level as well – the community you hang out with has a big impact on your life.

Well, what if you started hanging out on a Sunday morning once per month with other like-minded individuals in your industry to talk about your longevity?

We have piloted this with 20 people and here are some of their comments:

“It’s a great way to wake up to a Sunday. Derek has some very interesting topics with some accomplished, seasoned veterans.”
Peter Hyde (president, Hyde Construction Ltd.)

“As a physician, I am excited about recent medical breakthroughs that will allow us to live longer, healthier lives. Derek is bringing this knowledge and insight to The Sunday Morning Developers Longevity Club with a passion and commitment that is inspiring. Thank you Derek for including me in this wonderful community!”
Kirk Hollohan MD (president and CEO, 1Med Health Solutions)

“I enjoyed the hour spent with other developers exploring health and longevity.” 
Phil Milroy (Westcorp president and CEO)

“Derek Lobo takes a truly multidisciplinary view to health, productivity and life, and offers insights to the members of the Developers Longevity Club which are truly transformational. I look forward to joining every session!”
Dave Morgan (leadership committee, Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society)

“A great new community with the common vision of maximizing our time on earth.”
Jacob Katz (president, Litera Group)

Monthly topics, member participation

Our sessions vary depending on the topic for the month.

We have had a guest doctor speak. We have delved into some specific testing I’ve done, sharing how and why you should do it yourself and the impact it can have on you.

An interesting example is a test that measured my biological age. This can then be compared to your chronological age to see how your health is in comparison to your years lived.

I know four people who are 10 years younger than their chronological age, for example clocking in at 55 instead of 65. Amazing!

What kinds of things are these people doing to bring their biological ages down? We’re going to share some of the hacks and short cuts they have found.

Here’s another example. In December, we’ve been talking about vegetables and why your best bet is to drink them in soups and smoothies (I’ll also get into how you can implement systems to have them made in your office, by your assistant, so you’re increasing your vegetable consumption without extra effort). 

We do various exercises together that help you reframe your mindset about longevity and health.

This isn’t just a passive webinar, but an interactive session with worksheet activities that will help you apply some of the principles to your own life.

The idea is to walk away from each session with new ideas or action items you can take to address your health.

The key pillars of health

In my view, here are the pillars of health: exercise, nutrition, testing and technology.

All three of those rest on the platform of sleep and are then surrounded by community. What this Sunday morning club is about is community.

We don’t talk about how to do push-ups, but we might talk about why you do them and how you set up your schedule with a trainer, etc.

After piloting this project for four months, we are now ready to open up the longevity club to the real estate fraternity in Canada.

People in the industry who are interested in their health and longevity and want to talk about it in community are all invited to participate.

Information about the meetups

We hold our sessions from 9-10 a.m. EST on the second Sunday of every month via Zoom. For the format, we typically have a set topic for the month.

I’ll talk about it (or the guest speaker will present) and then we move on to a group discussion. After we’ve discussed it, we break out into groups of two or three where you talk about the session’s topic with other participants.

People attend when they want to, and as they are able. We’ve found that it engages people on a topic that’s important to them.

Why not start the New Year thinking about your health and longevity – and thinking about it in community with people from the same sector as you.

It’s free to join us. You can get more information at https://svnrock.ca/longevity-club/