The Developers Longevity Club

The Developers Longevity Club

A simplified plan to an unprecedented future

A unique and fascinating look into why developers live longer, by someone who has worked with them and has had meaningful discussions and interactions

Monthly Webinar Series – by invitation only


Next Session: December 11, 2022 at 9AM EST

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What to Expect:

– Younger Next Year

– Your Inner Age Measured

– One thing to extend your life NOW!

– Maintaining Brain Health

-Working with a Trainer



-Why Developers Need Stress


-Bio Hacks

-Mindsets Used to “Bet on Yourself”

-Reward Yourself Often

Derek has hundreds of relationships with a unique brand of entrepreneurs!

He was featured in the documentary film Shelter, which chronicles how immigrant developers built affordable, quality housing in a growing metropolis. These developers led long, fruitful, and inspiring lives as they created a new landscape in the Toronto region.