The Path Forward for Developers

Affordable Housing has been a hot topic for years, however, no appreciable headway has been seen in developing a long-term solution for Canada.  It has been years since the demise of the last successful government program that fed Affordable Housing development in a significant way.

Government Policy

There are various Federal, Provincial, and Municipal programs that can be stacked on top of one another to make a project viable. It is a start but more needs to be done. We understand the current programs and know how they can work together for your projects.

Private Sector Capital

Most Affordable Housing in Canada has been built by the private sector and we believe the current environment (ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance) is going to result in more capital being available for development and acquisition of Affordable Housing. We believe this to be a tremendous apportunity for develppers and we are here to help guide them. This is the next great opportunity for private developers!

How to Get Educated

Visit our page Affordable Housing – Path Forward for Developers for more information.

We continue to host ongoing webinars and education sessions, bringing together industry experts to support private developers who are looking to capitalize on this emerging GROWTH segment.

Stay tuned for more industry insight from SVN Rock Advisors, including a new book on this subject that is slated for release this fall.