Affordable Housing 2021

Affordable Housing 2021

Affordable Housing Is Your Next Great Opportunity as a Private Developer.

5 interactive LIVE sessions: May 25, June, 1, 8, 15, 22

$399 for all 5 sessions

5 Seminar Series:

Join us for an interactive webinar series that will unlock the affordable housing opportunity. We have brought together a team of experts to walk you through 5 engaging topics:

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Why Developers Should Consider Pivoting in 2021

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Where and What to Build

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Government Grants and Financing for Affordable Housing

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Working With Municipalities and Stakeholders

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Developing a Business Plan to Build Affordable Housing

What to Expect:

Affordable Housing is a GROWTH industry!

See why developers from other asset classes are pivoting here.

The private sector has a huge opportunity now.

Maximizing COVID recovery dollars for Affordable Housing

Featured Speakers


Derek Lobo

CEO, SVN Rock Advisors

Noor Khan

Noor Khan

CFO, SVN Rock Advisors


Sally Turner

Director of Research, SVN Rock Advisors


Graeme Stewart

Principal, ERA Architects

Natan Ary

Natan Ary

President, Karry On Inc.