Affordability in Home Ownership is Here!








See how to take advantage of The Self Funding House™, TODAY!

Ironstone’s Flex Haus, in London ON, proves the viability and is a living example of The Self Funding House™ concept. Sales are in motion, rental income is now accepted by the bank, and this unique home buyer’s experience is ready for the taking.

  • RBC confirmed rental income from basement suites can now be included with your mortgage qualification
  • Market strategy – lower market price & higher interest might be better than higher market price and a possible lower interest rate
  • Did you know? – You could save money by buying earlier

In this webinar, our experts will discuss these opportunities in detail, and provide you the tools to attain new home ownership using The Self Funding Houseconcept.

The #1 Amazon Best Seller book, The Self Funding House shows how home ownership is possible even in today’s tough economic climate. Its message is simple—treat your home as a business, by becoming a landlord. Secondly, this concept creates affordable rents – something that is critical to today’s housing crisis.

RBC has just made it easier for you to own your homes! With Ironstone’s Flex Haus™ program, you can now include your potential rental income when qualifying for your mortgage. Flex Haus™ is part of a multi-Gen home that provides a private suite designed for your changing lifestyle.

The shift is coming and the opportunity focuses on maximizing the potential of new and existing homes through the development of basement apartments. New home builders are embracing this concept, as evident by what’s happening in Ontario today!

What to expect:

  • Understanding Affordability of New Home Ownership Today
  • Affordability in Rental Supply
  • Understanding the Opportunity
    •  A comprehensive breakdown of why basement apartments are the next big thing in the housing market.

Why you should attend:

  • Expert Insights: Hear from seasoned industry experts who have decades of experience in the market.
  • Stay Ahead: Be among the first to understand and implement these emerging trends in your business.
  • Network and Grow: Get connected with other professionals to leverage opportunities

Who should attend:

  • New home buyers
  • Investors in real estate
  • Municipalities
  • Renovators and Contractors
  • Niche builders of single-family homes
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Builders and Architects
  • Anyone interested in real estate market trends


Featured Speakers:



Senior Mortgage Specialist



Director of Marketing

SVN Rock Advisors



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