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Specialise in apartments and student housing, not cold calls.

A seller looks for a buyer that understands fair market value, is sincere in his motivation and will be a full participant during the due diligence process. Equally important to any seller is a buyer who understands that a transaction may have bumps and the buyer will be willing to work through any problems that may come along during the process. Any good broker can improve your credibility as a buyer by providing the seller with the history of your company, your apartment acquisitions, your financial strength and if you don’t already own – your motivation for making a purchase and building your own apartment portfolio. A seller wants to know that the buyer is able to close and get the deal done. We recognize that in every transaction there is a relationship formed and, like in life, some relationships will be fully cooperative and smooth, and others will have their challenges. It is the broker’s job to stick handle through this process.