The Art of the Flip – Converting Offices to Rental Apartments

Two month’s access to the 2-day Global Office Conversion to Apartments webinar!

$995 USD

The pandemic is changing the way we work and live. These interesting times we find ourselves in, along with the accompanying dynamics, are affecting the housing affordability situation in various markets. In some situations, there is an oversupply of office space which presents the opportunity for repurposing to rental apartments.

Office Conversion is a FAST way to create SUPPLY – it’s both an art and a science! Rental availability and affordable housing solutions are desperately needed now. There are recent examples of success with office conversions and we’ll be exploring case studies from Canada, USA, and the EU.

You can anticipate these two 3-hour sessions to be filled with valuable information, insight, tactics, and expertise – it will be an office building owner’s field guide to successful apartment conversion.

What to Expect:

  • Learn from developers who’ve already done it 
  • Hear from design firms and architects that have studied the details 
  • Financial modeling and why you need higher development yields to offset higher risk 
  • What makes an office conversion project work or not work? 
  • Importance of sustainability, risk management, and health & wellness – in the creation of your apartment building 
  • What % should be amenities, retail, parking considerations – now and in the future
  • Best practices for working with the municipality
  • What characteristics to look for in a target building 
  • What the market is signalling 
  • Actual case studies of conversions 

Featured Speakers:

Derek Lobo

SVN Rock Advisors

Ken Toews

Strategic Group

Mansoor Kazerouni

IBI Group

Steven Paynter


Sarah Renaud


Thom Mahler

City of Calgary

Louie Papanicolopoulos

Wyse Meter Solutions

Rollin Stanley


Peter Aghar, CPA, CMA

Crux Capital Corporation