A story is often an indicator of the foundation of the principles that a company is founded upon.

TCU Development Corporation (TCU) is no different – it was founded in 2010 by hockey teammates who understood the values of leadership.

Over the course of 13 years, Mike Corneau and Billy Triantafilos have exponentially grown their business and established themselves as a major player in Ottawa’s highly competitive developer landscape.

TCU has overseen $500 million in real estate development to date and continues to provide homes for thousands of citizens in the nation’s capital, regardless of economic conditions.

University hockey and business

The pair met as teammates at the University of Ottawa’s men’s ice hockey program over 20 years ago. Battling on the ice together made them realize the importance of a team-first mentality; a methodology that continues to govern their approach to business today.

Corneau and Triantafilos’ first venture into real estate was during their time at the University of Ottawa. Both felt it was clear that there was a lack of quality accommodations that were affordable and within reasonable proximity to the University.

This was their opportunity and they decided to capitalize on it. After careful market analysis, they were successfully able to build and house their fellow student-athletes and classmates.

During this time, Corneau and Triantafilos exercised a “hands-on” approach, which allowed them to establish a true understanding of the ins -and outs of the Ottawa housing market.

They participated in every stage of their developments including planning, permitting, construction, financing and property management.

This was a steep learning curve that they embraced with grit and tenacity. TCU’s slogan “Built for this” reflects that studied skill-set and those invaluable experiences.

To strengthen their knowledge further, Corneau and Triantafilos worked at the National Bank of Canada, where they excelled as real estate financing experts and learned how to best position their own projects for success.

It wasn’t long until investors started taking notice of their prosperity. Investors wanted to hire them as consultants for their own developments.

That consistent demand eventually paved the way forward for their business model that still exists today – a turnkey shop for real estate investors.

Thriving in the apartment business

TCU believes in building purpose-driven developments that serve communities and the residents who occupy them.

A genuine care for the communities they develop has led to TCU being recognized for its establishment of the first Tenant Wellness Program in North America.

The program offers TCU residents resources and tools to support mental, physical and financial well-being; all contributing to a happy and healthy community.

In 2020, TCU broke ground on Capital Park. This was a full-circle moment for the co-founding duo, who years earlier had resided, studied and broke ground on their first development in the very same neighbourhood.

Capital Park will be host to 291 brand new units by 2023.

Corneau and Triantafilos’ passion for community-building extends to numerous other local organizations and charities including the Gee-Gee’s men’s hockey program, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Ottawa Heart Institute, Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, Ottawa Food Bank, Cumberland Minor Hockey Association, Bruyère Foundation, Ride for the Cure, Toy Mountain and CASCO.

Their genuine care and passion for giving back frames the culture of what they do!

We can expect more from the TCU tandem, as they both continue forward, making a difference in the Canadian communities where they develop.