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  • Why Buyers Choose Us

    The SVN Rock Advantage We spent two years building a database of every building in the province. It allows us to pinpoint who owns what and to locate any building geographically. For example, if you wanted to buy an apartment building near a university because you were a student housing specialist, you would punch in [...]
  • Financing Apartment Buildings

    One of the most important aspects to achieve the desired rate of return that developers of apartments often overlook is acquiring financing for their projects. The financing process has changed; lenders require more information and take a conservative approach to lending, making this a time consuming component of development that will tie up considerable equity. [...]
  • Best and Worst Places to Buy

    At SVN Rock Advisors, we have years of experience buying and selling apartments. We have seen rent controls give way to deregulation, we’ve seen cap rates fall to the lowest levels in history, and we’ve seen demographics shift to make apartment living more desirable for the wider population. Even so, there are places in Ontario [...]
  • What’s Your Buying Criteria?

    At SVN Rock Advisors, we have decades of experience helping investors find the best buildings to purchase. If you would like to buy an apartment building, whether it is your first, or thousandth, we can help you. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions list to make sure that SVN Rock is the right broker for you, [...]
  • Buy-Side Brokerage

    In the apartment marketplace, a brokerage method popular in Europe is gaining traction in Canada, connecting interested investors with willing owners. Buy-Side Brokerage is changing the way apartments are sold in Canada and easing the difficult process of buying and selling properties for both the buyer and seller alike. Buying an apartment [...]