Apartment Construction & Development Webinars

COVID-19 & The Rental Apartment Industry Webinar Series:

SVN Rock Advisors has been through 17 recessions travelling across North America to places where there has been tough economies. We have been in this industry for 30+ years and are here to help during these challenging times.

We are hosting an ongoing series of webinars to share with the apartment industry our knowledge & expertise as well as insights we have obtained from industry leaders on how to prosper through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar 1

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  1. What happens to apartment rents and vacancies in an economic downturn?
  2. What should a developer who is currently under-construction do right now?
  3. The one thing you should change about how you lease apartments to maintain your current NOI.
  4. What are the opportunities and dangers for apartment investors during this time?

Webinar 2

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Learn actionable items to collect rents in a COVID-19 environment!

  1. Discussion points in negotiating strategies with your tenant if they can’t pay their rent.
  2. What documentation would be prudent to use for non-payment of rent?
  3. What will happen to: Rents, Cap Rates, and Transaction Volume
  4. Answering your questions.

Webinar 3

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As April 1st approaches, landlords are getting ready for an uncertain rent collection. This webinar will recap how you prepare for that time and give you some suggestions on the next steps with lenders.

This is a preliminary session only, things will become more clear after the first week in April.

Webinar 4

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  1. By April 3rd, we will have an idea of how many tenants did and did not pay their rent after the first month impacted by COVID-19. We will share our findings in this webinar, allowing you to benchmark your results to other landlords.
  2. We are going to review a template telephone script as a guideline to your rent-collection discussions with tenants.
  3. We will provide actionable strategies to maximize rental payments now and in upcoming months.
  4. We will guide you in setting up a payment plan to catch up on unpaid rents.

Webinar 5

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Join SVN Rock Advisors for the next in our series of Flash Webinars designed to help landlords navigate the COVID-19 Environment. We’ll provide a detailed drill down on:
  • How many tenants paid rent April 1st? Our detailed analysis of our cross-Canada survey.
  • What to do to collect rent from tenants who didn’t pay: We have the resources and advice.
  • How to talk to your lender: Use our study data and resources to talk to your lender about your plan to stabilize your NOI.

Fill this Form to Access the Following COVID-19 Rent-Collection Resources:

Template Letter Helping Tenants Prior to April 1
Template Letter Upon Non-Payment After April 1
Rental Arrears Payment Agreement – Cohen Highley
Financial Health of Your Operation Bulletin – Cohen-Highley
Template Telephone Script for Landlords – Recouping Rent Payments After April 1