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Specialise in apartments and student housing, not cold calls.

We think, as an experienced broker you have geographical expertise that we may not have, and you have a lot relationships that we tapped into. As a broker, the value our business is really our rolodex – it’s our database. But even having a good database and knowing who owns the building is not the same as someone who is local and has a personal relationship with the building owner. Simply stated your primary job is to build and maintain a relationship with the owner and coordinate all the activities on the ground. This is where you have the real advantage. If you stop and think about it you probably already know a lot of apartment owners who may be wanting to buy or sell apartment buildings. So if there are 100 apartment buildings in your town, we’re going to know all these apartment buildings, we’re going to know the owners names, and we’re going to have their contact information in our database. They may even know us but there’s no relationship. That’s where we need you. You can watch our database videos where we clearly explain our database to you – but having the database alone really isn’t the full answer. You need to have someone who is willing to use that database and that’s where we can work with you. We’re here to help and support you, and the key point is that if you already have a relationship with your client then that client always remains your client.