Does it still make sense to build rental apartments given the increase in hard costs and the construction delays? This webinar will address the question, and much more, and will feature industry experts that are working daily with these challenges and creating the solutions for today’s developers.

Two month’s access to the Rising Construction Cost Impact on Apartment Development webinar!

What to Expect:


  • How much have hard costs increased (direct work, supply chain, hard + soft costs)?
  • Which costs have increased the most?
  • Solutions for mitigating costs
  • Projecting the impact on rental rates? (will they offset cost increases?)
  • Go-forward strategies for apartment developers. (sustainability, modularization, and more)

Leave this webinar series with the information you’ll need to prepare and act on this emerging opportunity.

Featured Speakers:

George Shomali

Director of Electrical Engineering, EJS Engineering Inc.

Stuart Smith Jr

General Manager, Turner Construction

Linnea Chamberlain, PMP

President, Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd.