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Thanks to REI Wise, we have a calculator that you can use here. But this only works as a rule of thumb. When establishing a preliminary value for your building, you need to be careful because using wrong or outdated information will give you the wrong asking price. The condition of your building and its location needs to be reflected in any final adjusted price. Let’s say you have recently redone your roof, replaced the windows and completed some unit renovations. These capital item improvements will reflect positively on the final price. On the flip side, if there is capital items that need replacing to prevent any further damage to your building, such as fixing an aging roof that has started to leak, this will have a negative impact on the final price. All of this is very important and you do not want to leave any profit on the table or have your building sit and not sell. Using the correct financial information is paramount as the idea is to give you a snapshot of the present value of your building. You can only do this by providing the current and correct information. We can help you look at your building, identify issues and selling points, and make sure you know the true value of your property when you offer it on the market.