In response to several inquiries, we are making a special offer available for the access to the recent Affordable Housing & New Apartment Development Event content (see featured on renx.ca). We are running the next event in this series in June 2022. For those that missed our recent event, you can get access to the full recording and speaker slides, by clicking the button below…

What to Expect:

2 months access to view the full recording of the event.

2 months access to view the speaker slide deck from the event.

All downloadable assets that were handed out during the event, including Building Apartments With a Joint Venture Partner by Derek Lobo

8 Engaging Sessions:

  1. Rental Apartment Financing… Show me the Money!
  2. New Apartment Construction: The State of the Nation
  3. Getting Started in New Apartment Development – Project Feasibility
  4. Becoming an Apartment Scientist
  5. Apartment Design to Drive Rental Revenue
  6. Lease-up, Operations & Property Management
  7. Thought Leadership: How Merchant Apartment Builders Create Intergenerational Wealth and Keep it in the Family
  8. The Rapidly Improving Landscape to Build Affordable Housing