Live on Stage – June 2022 Recording

A Special Offer for the 2022 Live On Stage Recordings

In response to several inquiries, we are making a special offer available for the access to the recent Affordable Housing & New Apartment Development Event content. We are running the next event in this series in June 2023. For those that missed our recent event, you can get access to the full recording and speaker slides, by clicking the button below…

What to Expect:

2 months access to view the full recording of the event.

2 months access to view the speaker slide deck from the event.

14 Engaging Sessions:

  1. Blockchain and Transacting Commercial Real Estate – It’s Coming Faster Than You May Think…
  2. Concerns for Supply Chain, Construction Costs, and Schedules – Strategies for Apartment Developers
  3. Converting Office, Hotel, & Retail to Apartments
  4. Strangers in Paradise – Intergenerational Ownership, Development, and Taxes
  5. Getting More Development Certainty – The Power of Non Profit/ Private Sector Partnerships
  6. How to Build an Apartment in 60 Minutes
  7. Structuring the Joint Venture and Financing the Deal
  8. Getting It Built – From Raw Earth to Certificate of Occupancy
  9. Getting It Stabilized – From Certificate of Occupancy to Disposition
  10. Why Developers Live Longer – A Short Course on Longevity
  11. Emerging Opportunities – Gaps in the Market and Getting Ahead of the Curve
  12. The Political Landscape and Public Sentiment Towards Apartment Development – Actionable Strategies/Advice
  13. The Rapidly Improving Market to Build Affordable Housing
  14. How Developers Think – The Psychology of Apartment Developers