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There is never a perfect time to sell an apartment building. It is a very personal decision that must be carefully weighed by you, the seller, and your family. A brokerage firm that has other services to offer can assist you not only with selling your building but keeping it. Our sister company, Derek A. Lobo and Associates, provides performance-based consulting services to apartment owners and we do our best to combine our consulting work with our brokerage services for our clients. What we do know from experience is that apartment building owners sell their properties for many reasons, including: – A problem has materialized with the partnership and the best thing to do is sell. – There is a generational transfer. The children have inherited the property, and they do not want to manage it. – An owner has spied another opportunity and needs to raise cash. – An owner believes that he or she is at the top of the market and wants to cash out. – An owner just believes it’s time to sell. There is no right or wrong answer in terms of when to sell your building. It is a very personal and complex decision and you need to review it carefully. If you have been thinking of selling, for any reason, and are not yet sure, sit down with someone who can shed light on some of the your challenges and desires. Perhaps we can offer solutions. Perhaps some of these solutions might not require you to sell.