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Specialise in apartments and student housing, not cold calls.

You’re thinking of selling your building. Terrific! Before we do anything with you rock we’re going to spend some time with you to determine the following first what type of owner are you? Are you a passive investor? Are you an active investor? Do you rehabilitate properties? Second what your situation? Do you need cash? Do you need income? Or do you need operational management help? Do you have a mortgage coming due? Are you geographically uncomfortable? Is their partnership situation? Or are you just bored and want a new opportunity? Third what’s your objective in selling? It may be that you want to recognize your value in a strong market. It could be that you want to retire with passive income. You could be a turnaround expert – you finished this project and want to move on to the next one. It may be you want to convert your equity to mortgages. Before we can help you reach your goals we need to understand what you truly want. We engage the seller one-on-one for approximately two to three hours to ascertain the answers to the questions above. If you’re thinking of selling the first and the most important thing to do is the have a detailed discussion on what your needs are and what you’d like to