How are my staff doing?

At DALA can provide an anonymous evaluation of your onsite leasing personnel and property as seen from a renter’s viewpoint. The Mystery Shop includes a 7 page shopping report that is both quantitative and qualitative, an executive summary, and instructions on how to get the most from the report.

How do I train my staff?

At DALA, we can equip your staff with the skills they need to improve your bottom line. We have sales training seminars which offer powerful, effective and proven techniques for renting apartments. Whether you are looking for a one-day corporate session or the full 5-day program, we specialize in designing a program to suit your needs.

Are my rents maximized?

DALA can help you uncover the hidden value in your rent roll. We provide tools to help you determine when, and by how much, to raise your rents! Professionally designed surveys provide charts, photographs and descriptions that compare your site to the competition. With such information, you can confidently set rental rates that enhance your net operating income.

Is my parking maximized?

Our friends at ParkSmart have years of experience managing apartment building parking lots and garages. We encourage you to contact them for your parking needs.

How do I increase laundry revenue?

Our friends at Coinamatic have experience in managing and maintaining apartment laundry services. We encourage you to contact them for your laundry-room needs.

Do renovations equal higher rents?

At SVN Rock, we can conduct feasibility studies to tell you what rents out in your area, and where you are missing out. We can tell you what is best to renovate, how and when, or we can find alternative solutions for you. If you have a portfolio of buildings, it may make more sense to sell your lowest performer and use the funds from that sale to renovate your other buildings. Contact us for more details, or consult our DALA website.

Please contact SVN Rock Advisors Inc. for a confidential discussion to learn more.