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So you hear it’s a seller’s market and you’re wondering how to level the playing field. This is a good question and deserves answering as you can only level the field by having the correct information on the market you’re interested in investing in. Understanding the market and understanding the true value of any building is the only way to level the playing field and to make sure you do not overpay for the investment and throw away your hard-earned money. We want to maximize the enjoyment of your investment and for this to happen, it has to be a profitable investment for you. The best advantage you have is market knowledge and a qualified broker can assist you in this. By understanding the fair market value for your building based on its income, expenses, the location of the building, its condition, the level of tenant profile, and the quality of information being supplied will not only give you the confidence to make an aggressive bid but also to walk away from buildings that do not meet your criteria. The level of importance of this cannot be overstated. We know that when a buyer puts in too aggressive of an offer this is discovered during due diligence and the lender will not loan the amount you require for your business decision. You’ll end up needing to adjust your down payment to close the transaction and this usually leads to the deal falling apart. It really comes down to understanding valuation, due diligence, financing and having a broker that understands this right across the board in all the markets that you want to invest in.