Two month’s access to the 90 min webinar!


$99 CAD

What to Expect:

  • Who’s buying and will they be closing?
  • What condominium projects can be pivoted to a rental?
  • What condominium projects cannot be pivoted to a rental?
  • What factors positively contribute to pivoting to rental apartments?
  • How do developers make the decision to pivot to rental apartments?
  • Build resilience through diversification
  • How do you finance mixed development – condo and rental?
  • How long will these uncertainties last?

Pivot to Rental Development Success!

Are closings in jeopardy? A challenged condo or home development warrants that the developer investigates rental development as an alternative exit. Developers face some complex decisions today. Continue with the project? Pause the project? Or pivot the development to a purpose-built rental development? A home builder has a different set of dynamics than a condominium developer, but a BFR (Built For Rent) strategy may be in the cards…

This paid webinar walks the developer through the decision-making process to help clarify if purpose-built rentals are a viable alternative for the project. Options for apartment development include joint ventures with capital partners, a forward sale, or building a rental development division within your existing business. Numerical examples will be provided along with actionable advice and next steps.