How Do I Decrease Expenses?

We at SVN Rock have helped many clients audit their buildings, finding inefficiencies that were holding back their bottom line. We can help you find money that’s literally blowing out the door. Here are some ideas below:

How do I Save Electricity?

Make changes to your apartment to use less energy. These can include replacing your energy-gobbling
incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescent or LED alternatives. We also recommend talking to our friends at EnerCare. They have helped come up with conservation solutions that reduce electric use and electricity bills. Contact them for more information.

How do I Save Gas?

There are many ways you can reduce your gas use, from small and simple approaches of stopping air leaks and replacing energy-inefficient windows, to retrofitting your apartment with geothermal heating and cooling. Most solutions don’t have to be nearly so extreme, and our friends at Enercare can help.

Are There Other Energy Saving Ideas I can Implement?

Absolutely. The environmental consulting firm Greener Solutions has helped hundreds of building owners find the energy inefficiencies in their buildings and close them off. Their studies have helped building owners save thousands on their bottom line, as well as saving the environment. We encourage you to contact them to help you save money and energy on your property.

At SVN Rock, we can help audit your building and find the cash that you never knew you had.

Please contact SVN Rock Advisors Inc. for a confidential discussion to learn more.

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