I’m Darryl McCullough.

Senior Advisor, CCIM SEC

Since 1972, Darryl has been given the opportunity to interact with seasoned partners and clients in structuring and organizing both simple and complex real estate transactions involving acquisition, disposition, finance, and consulting in Canada and throughout the United States.  It has trained him to bring a unique, personal client-centered approach to each assignment, from simple to complex transactions and the diverse clientele who own them.

In 1984 he received the Certified Commercial Investment Member, CCIM, designation (www.ccim.com); an internationally recognized identity confirming amortized knowledge in the disciplines of investment, development etc.  

Another prominent membership he thankfully continues holding is with the U.S. based Society of Exchanges Counselors (www.secounselors.com).  This organization shares his belief in pursuing and demonstrating problem solving techniques in the real estate industry based on proven principles of integrity, professionalism, and accountability.  Through this organization Darryl continues to dedicate himself to what is true in the discipline of real estate problem solving.

Technology coupled with a learned research and analytical skills allow him to carry out these functions with selected projects.   

Darryl continues to maintain an ever changing “student” learning status not only related to the physical asset, but equal or more importantly, drawing out corporate/personal situations and objectives and then knitting together ultimate benefit packages based on creative solutions via time honoured formulas.