Work on real deals with a great team.
Specialise in apartments and student housing, not cold calls.

What is the commission split? Well, the commission split is going to depend on the type of relationship you choose to have with ROCK. If you work with us on a formal call listing, we’ve helped you source the business, find the business, win the listing presentation, then you will work directly with the rock broker and it will be a 50-50 split. So, if the commission is a hundred thousand dollars, then you would get fifty thousand dollars and ROCK would get fifty thousand dollars. If you decide that you just want the support of ROCK’s back room, here we would say that the deal is powered by ROCK. For this we would underwrite the building, determine the value, produce a professional building opinion of value, produce the package, and then help you win the listing. Once you’ve won the listing, we’ll create the flyer, the marking package, and email blast, and mail to qualify to the buyers. Now we’ll qualify the buyers and send them to you. You will handle negotiations and the details of the transactions. You won’t have a rock agent assigned to you, but you will have the full support of our backroom. In that case you get a higher percentage the split because you’re doing more work. So you have two choices. We will co-list with you at 50 percent, or we will just be a professional back room and cover all the details that will allow you to just go out there and sell.