Property Management

  • Multifamily Asset Manager

    Apartment Property Manager vs. Multifamily Asset Manager  Multifamily Asset Manager, by contrast to the apartment property manager, is concerned with maximizing the revenue potential of each property and identifying new ways to create and grow longer-term value in the property as an owned asset. While often used interchangeably, it’s important to realize that the roles […]

  • 5 Purpose Built Apartment Rental Pricing Strategies

    What Apartment Lease-Up Pricing Strategy Are You Using?  By SVN Rock Advisors   Purpose Built Apartment Rental Pricing Strategies. When can an apartment building be like an airplane? When you set prices to fill the available spots. Dynamic pricing is increasingly used to achieve the optimum sales at any given time. Airlines have been selling […]

  • Renovating Apartments for Profit

    Landlords Need to Spend Money to Make Money   From 1975 to 1998, rent control in Ontario stifled the maintenance of apartments. When landlords weren’t allowed to raise rents higher than the statutory limit, they had little incentive to upgrade their properties. Not only did construction of new apartment buildings essentially grind to a halt, the remaining [...]