I’m Carolyn Ennest.

Deal Team Manager of SVN Rock Advisors Inc.,

Carolyn Ennest has participated in more than $3 Billion of apartment sales on behalf of SVN Rock Advisors’ clients across Canada. Carolyn has been the lead broker on significant transactions in the hundreds of millions of dollars and a senior member of the SVN Rock Advisor’s Brokerage team.

With over 12 years of experience in multi-family real estate transactions, Carolyn has demonstrated commitment, perseverance and expertise within the real estate industry and has participated in some of the largest real estate transactions in Canada. SVN Rock Advisors’ focus on new apartment construction consulting and brokerage has set the ground for Carolyn’s unique ability to consult on new apartment construction with extensive experience in revenue management and lease up consulting.

Carolyn interacts daily with developers, private families and institutions, marketing and selling multi-million-dollar assets including new apartment construction, student housing, stabilized apartments, and land. Carolyn is actively consulting on new apartment construction lease ups on projects totaling over 1000 units. Carolyn is resourceful and knowledgeable in helping developers exceed their revenue goals and achieving their business objectives.