Work on real deals with a great team.
Specialise in apartments and student housing, not cold calls.

ROCK has a great listing process that includes the best back room in Canada, and now that back room can be working for you when you co-broker with us. Once we’ve identified an apartment brokerage opportunity, we’re going to do everything we can, as fast as we can, as best as we can, to help you win the listing. We’re going to produce the building opinion of value. Here we produce a professional package the can clearly articulate the value proposition for the client, and the sales process that we’re going to go through together as a team to sell the client’s building. Once you give us the information on the building you’ve obtain from the client, we’ll put together a building opinion of value. This includes sales comparables, rental comparables, and all the background information required. Then as part of the listing process we will either come with you to the listing presentation, or will do a go to meetings webinar with you in the client’s office, and us in our office. Here we will demonstrate our database and our joint selling process to the client. Once the vendor sees our combined ability and your local expertise to expose this property to the marketplace, he will be impressed. Then when he sees our ability to quickly show all of the apartment deals that we have transacted in his area, who the buyers were, and who the sellers are, you’re going to be in a very strong position to win the listing at a fair commission rate. In the apartment sector we work in high demand, low supply business. Winning listings is what this business is all about, and at ROCK we have the formula to help you win more listings.