At SVN Rock Advisors Inc., we believe in co-brokerage. We believe the industry as a whole, and everybody in it, benefits if brokers work together to bring deals to the wider marketplace. And don’t take our word for it. We asked the Ivey School of Business to study the co-brokerage phenomenon. Their report, Ivey Study on Co-Brokerage, which you can read here, explains why brokers may be hesitant to enter into co-brokerage, but how entering into such arrangements can give them wider exposure and higher prices for their clients. We believe that, by working together as an industry, we can generate more and better business for all, and the numbers back us up.

Did you know that co-brokering…

  • improves the service for your client and makes them a happier about you?
  • enhances your reputation among prospective clients?
  • reduces your overhead costs, including marketing, staff training and management?

At SVN Rock Advisors Inc., we are experts in buying and selling apartments, but there are over 25,000 apartment buildings in Ontario and they are owned by 13,000 owners. We can’t hope to develop a personal relationship with all 13,000 apartment owners out there. We can’t hope to gain enough knowledge of every territory out there. We can’t do this alone. We need you.

Watch the videos below to learn what is possible by co-brokering with SVN Rock Advisors Inc. By joining with us, we can help each other broker apartments far and wide. You know your area better than we can ever hope to. You have a personal relationship with your clients. You may know who wants to buy and sell, but like us, you don’t have access to the full market in order to make the best transactions. We can help you find the people to make the transactions happen.


Richard Ivey School of Business at University of Western Ontario

Brokers Should Cooperate. IVEY Says so. We believe so.

Always Looking for Good People

Whether you’re interested in joining the team or co-brokerage, we’d love to hear from you.

Harvey Russell, Vice President, CBRE Calgary shares his thoughts about Co-brokerage

Derek Lobo, CEO, SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage speaks about why Brokers should co-operate and how SVN Rock pioneers this model in the Apartment sector.

“We put together these videos to explain co-brokerage, and why helping each other is good for us both. In the 2013 webinar below, I talk with Darryl McCullough, a broker of record at SVN Rock Advisors Inc. (at the time), and Harvey Russell, Vice President at CBRE in Calgary, about forging strong business relationships through co-brokering. I have known Harvey for 15 years, and I’ve known Darryl for 25. The three of us have co-brokered building sales across Canada — sales we couldn’t have achieved on our own. Pooling resources allows all of us to sell more buildings. It’s a win-win situation.” – Derek Lobo

“Larger national brokers form teams. I’ve seen this evolve right from inception. The teams that have been put together bring a number of different skill sets. Basically they collectively create a more significant resource than any one individual.” – Harvey Russell

“We need strategic alliances. We have different skill sets required to get an assignment complete. These deals are done with brokers we have a long-term relationship with, and it’s not the deal we remember, but the people we deal with.” – Darryl McCullough

In the webinar below, we explain the advantages that SVN Rock can provide you, and detail the co-brokerage relationship. We also show you how you can make connections you can trust, and affirm that we will never approach your clients without your permission.

If you are interested in co-brokering with SVN Rock, call us. We would love to hear from you. The last thing Darryl said to close the webinar was, “we are in a win-win business and we just don’t say that at the top of our heads. We are true believers in that and our goals are not just in business, but in life. To add value to each person’s life that we are around and we will continue to do that.”

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