Apartment Families: Strategic Thinking In Uncertain Times








Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 1pm – 2pm EST


In uncertain times, it is essential to keep well-informed about the financial and economic landscape that impacts multigenerational apartment families. Knowing all of your options and opportunities allows for strategic thinking, both today and in the future. As new generations come into play in the family business, it is inevitable that varying objectives may impact business operations. 


How do you handle these situations? What if your family does not meet the criteria for staying together—how do you take the next steps while maintaining fairness? As big a mountain as this topic appears to be, know that there is a process for working through the complexities of intergenerational apartment families and have confidence that there is a path forward!

    What To Expect:

    • 2023 apartment market overview from an intergenerational family perspective
    • Strategic thinking in a family context   
    • Traits and characteristics of successful intergenerational businesses
    • Moving forward—how families stay together 
    • How do families navigate changes to the family enterprise? 
    • Managing multi-party family changes   
    • What are the income tax consequences of long-term ownership or changes?
    • Q&A

    Who Should Attend?:

    • Multigenerational Families
    • Private Developers

      Here is a valuable resource, a white paper on Control & Ownership for Multigenerational Family Real Estate – When real estate is a family affair (and sometimes a family feud).

        Featured Speakers:

        DEREK LOBO

        DEREK LOBO

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