In response to several inquiries, we are making a special offer available for the access to the recent Affordable Housing Webinar Seriescontent (recordings and slides). We are running the next update in this series of Affordable Housing webinars in the fourth quarter of this year. For those that cannot wait or missed our recent webinar series, you can get access to the five, 45-minute recordings and speaker slides, by clicking the button below…

What to Expect:


Affordable Housing is a GROWTH industry!

See why developers from other asset classes are pivoting here.

The private sector has a huge opportunity now.

Maximizing COVID recovery dollars for Affordable Housing

5 Engaging Topics:


  1. Why Developers Should Consider Pivoting in 2021
  2. Where and What to Build
  3. Government Grants and Financing for Affordable Housing
  4. WOrking With Municipalities and Stakeholders
  5. Developing a Business Plan to Build Affordable Housing


Derek Lobo

CEO, SVN Rock Advisors

Noor Khan

CFO, SVN Rock Advisors

Sally Turner

Director of Research, SVN Rock Advisors

Graeme Stewart

Principal, ERA Architects

Natan Ary

President, Kary On Inc.

Ismail Ibrahim

Corporate/Commercial Lawyer, Robins Appleby LLP

Mark Kay

Principal Broker/President, CFO Capital