Student Housing Development Opportunities Across Canada

by: Derek Lobo, CEO, SVN Rock Advisors & Ryan Mounsey, Senior Planner, City of Waterloo

There are 82 major universities across Canada and dozens of colleges, and over a million full time students attending post-secondary institutions every September. Hundreds of thousands of students are all looking for places to not just sleep, but live. Put the old stereotypes of student housing out of your head. Today’s purpose-built student housing is high quality, high density, and specially designed to cater to students’ needs. Students have more disposable income than ever before, and they are backed by parents and grandparents who want to ensure their children have the best educational experience possible. See how one of our clients benefited from our services.

At SVN ROCK Advisors Inc., we have been in the forefront of growing marketplace of purpose-built off-campus student housing. In the past three years, we have helped sell over $300 million in student housing. With nearly half a million students looking for space every September, and only 17,000 off-campus beds built so far, tremendous opportunities exist in this marketplace. We have helped many clients make the most of their investment, advising them where to build, how much to build, and what to do with the building once it is built. Let SVN ROCK help you make the most of this growing market.

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Here are some client Testimonials about SVN Rock’s Services and The Student Housing Symposium:

Henry Morton, President, Campus Suites John Andrew, Director – Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable & Professor of Real Estate, Queen’s University
Ryan Mounsey, Senior Planner, City of Waterloo Terry McFarlane, Resident Manager, Canada Student Residence Corporation
Wayne Steffler, Assistant Vice President Administration, University of Wilfred Laurier Armand Charbonneau, Chief Investment Officer, Diamond Realty Investments, Inc.

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