High-Performance Leasing Workshop

High-Performace Leasing Workshop

Take your leasing career to the next level!
The first session is FREE

Q3 Dates for 2022: August 16 – September 8

1 Vacancy closed is $2k.
You save $1k by attending our workshop and closing just 1 deal!

Rent more apartments, decrease vacancy rates, and become the go-to-person for results.

7 interactive sessions will show you how to master:

Turning phone and internet leads into appointments
Understand client needs to provide a curated leasing experience
Overcome objections skillfully
Close with confidence (and 18 different techniques!)
Follow-up in an engaging way

Perfect your Leasing Strategy

Advance Your Real Estate Career

Increase Your Property Value

Close More Leases

Your High-Performance Leasing Workshop Live Training Includes:

  • Seven live keynote training sessions with Dr. Vanessa D’sa
  • Virtual coaching and live Q&A
  • Live role-playing exercises
  • Digital slide decks, live quizzes, and interactive polls
  • Breakout sessions for brainstorming with your peers
  • Loads of free scripts and leasing tools

100% satisfaction guarantee

Dr. Vanessa D’sa PhD

Manager of Education

Want to hear what other attendees are saying?

Erik de Jong

Juanita Parlee, Oxford Properties

Matthew Stein, MPI Group

Alyea Cyr Connell

Julia Fehr, My Place Realty

We recommend enabling your camera for the entire Webinar and actively participating in break-out rooms for the best experience from this Workshop. SVN Rock Advisors may re-schedule this event based on the number of participants.