Property Management & Leasing

Property Management & Leasing

What To Do Next

You have your project built, or have started to build, and now you need to decide what to do with it.

At SVN Rock Advisors, we know that every new building and every development proposal is different. A builder that goes in with a cookie-cutter approach will leave money on the table. A detailed feasibility study looking carefully at the state of the local marketplace and making carefully calculated recommendations on what to build, where to build, and what to rent for, will ensure that you make the most of your money.

What Should You Do With Your Building Once It’s Built?

It’s entirely up to you.

  • Do you want to rent out the units?
  • Manage tenants and secure a long-term income?
  • Do you want to free up your equity, sell your development, and move onto the next construction project?

Whatever you choose to do, SVN Rock Advisors has you covered.

SVN Rock Offers a Range of Services to Help You

On-Going Consulting

  • Become part of the Project Team
  • Design Consultation
  • Financial & Scenario Analysis
  • On-Going Support

Marketing Plan

  • Write the Marketing Plan
  • Work with/Train your Advertising team
  • Work with/Train your Sales team

Initial Lease-Up

  • Hiring & training leasing staff
  • Product marketing
  • Product positioning for target renter


  • What should be included in a marketing plan?
  • When should marketing start—before, during, or after construction?
  • What type of marketing works best for newly constructed rental apartments?
  • How can the internet and social media be used effectively?
  • How can an effective web presence be created and maintained?

Leasing Plans

  • Do you have a plan for the lease-up of the new rental apartment property?
  • How soon should leasing start?
  • What are the best techniques for successfully leasing newly constructed apartments in the shortest time while achieving the highest rents?
  • What is the best way to select and hire leasing staff?
  • How should leasing staff be motivated to perform?

Asset Management

  • Understand the position of an asset in the market and the steps required to enhance existing cash flow
  • Strategic oversight to drive the revenue
  • Recommend Capital Improvement
  • Assist with Repositioning Plans
  • Yield Management


Capital Improvement Example:

Apartment Building Mystery Shopping
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See your buildings the way a potential tenant does, through the eyes of one of our professionally trained Mystery Shoppers

Repositioning Plan Example:

Intensifying Existing Apartment Sites
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