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Dec. 3, 2019

The SVN Rock Advisors’ New Apartment Construction and Development Workshops are a series of exclusive sessions on one of Canada’s most vibrant real estate opportunities and development activities: New Purpose-Built Multifamily Rental Apartment Construction

Hosted by SVN Rock Advisors, these workshops will provide a strong focus on how you can benefit from the current rush to build multifamily apartments. We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, with a focus on the local market and/or the other asset classes developers are already experienced in.

These workshops are part of our larger seminar series, along with our free webinar series, and our in-depth symposium, to give developers as much information as possible to help guide them regardless of their prior experience or knowledge of purpose-built rental apartment development.

We will answer:

  • Where Do I Build? – Which Canadian markets are ripe for apartment development? Do i build downtown or take my chances in the suburbs?
  • Why Do A Market Study? – Who are my rental market competitors? What’s the gap in the market for my to build?
  • Do I Need A Feasibility Study? – What should I build? What rents can I charge? What is the depth of the market? How much money will I make?
  • How Do I Do A Step-By-Step Financial Analysis Of My Purpose-Built Rental Apartment Building? What does my capital stack structure look like? How do I approach financing or partnership agreements?
  • What Value Can A Sensitivity Analysis Bring? How do I manipulate variables like rent level, unit mix and size, capitalization rates, and project timing or lease-up schedule to determine what I should build to maximize my profit?

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