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Your Real Estate Career at SVN

Transparency. Collaboration. Trust. These words are intertwined with your success at SVN. Are you ambitious? Then we want you to join our team of real estate professionals. At SVN we believe in continuing education and training for our professionals. We are looking for individuals, like you, who are coachable, persistent and dedicated to the process. As a new to the business sales representative, you will have direct access to SVN’s System 4 Growth online training system and SVN | Jumpstart acceleration programs while you work alongside experienced Senior Sales Representatives in a team environment run by the office Deal Team Managing Director.

Commercial real estate is a $158 billion global industry that encompasses development, appraisal, financing, sales, leasing, and management. It is an industry that can be financially rewarding for those who are self-motivated and focused. It is also a profession that has an enormous impact on our local communities. This is a unique opportunity working directly with an experienced, highly successful team and learning from some of the best in the industry. Our rapidly growing brokerage is looking for smart, forward-thinking, results-oriented people. Our Agents are vital to our success, and we build teams that are second to none. Our Agents embrace challenges and do their utmost to contribute to our clients’ success. This is a unique opportunity working directly with an experienced, highly successful team and learning from some of the best in the industry.

Salary Income: $50k depending on experience plus commissions
Total Income package $100-$200

Our salary plus commission-based compensation, your entrepreneurial spirit, and our rewarding innovation, supportive risk-taking, collaborative work environment through common goals, brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, and training programs will secure your earning potential. Our management team is genuine, transparent, and open to mentorship programs.

Qualifications and requirements

  • Active current real estate license.
  • Some exposure to the apartment industry in any of the following areas: apartment brokerage, lending, appraisal, construction or student housing. Previous transaction experience in commercial real estate with deal experience.
  • Superior knowledge of real estate transactions with advanced knowledge in selling marketing and negotiating real estate deals at this level is an asset.
  • Strong financial and business acumen with the ability to interpret financial analysis of apartment buildings with clients.
  • Good communication skills, and the ability to execute presentations effortlessly.
  • Technical proficiency with database systems and MS office software (e.g. Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Self-starter, self-motivated, with a permanent bias to action.
  • A positive winning attitude.


  • Prospect for new business harnessing the power of the proprietary SVN Rock database of the mid-market where commissions are the highest (SVN Rock Team Leaders do an average of 10 to 15 meetings per week with our clients).
  • Build potential business from existing clients in all SVN Rock product and service groups.
  • Develop a strong understanding of all SVN Rock value-added products and services including: Commerical Brokerage, Apartment Land Sales, New and Existing Apartment Sales, New Apartment Construction Feasibility Studies, Apartment Lease Up Services, Market Surveys, Leasing Training, and Mystery Shopping.
  • Working closely with the SVN Rock Research and Database Team, create high powered client presentations and proposals. SVN Rock’s backroom prepares professional Building Opinion of Value (BOV) reports, flyers, brochures, Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM), and listing presentations so you can focus on selling.
  • Guide clients through the complex sale process of their properties including pricing, marketing, advertising and leading tours, all the while managing the due diligence and closing the sale.
  • Build relationships with clients to the level of “Trusted Advisor” to impact the sales process and build long-term customers.
  • Maintain strong relationships with the apartment community by providing ongoing and timely updates on market trends.
  • Participate in and promote webinars, external seminars and marketing efforts, and participate in all internal meetings and training organized for the sales department.


  • Integrity— Job requires being honest and ethical.
  • Attention to Detail— Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.
  • Dependability— Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.
  • Cooperation— Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude.
  • Concern for Others— Job requires being sensitive to others’ needs and feelings and being understanding and helpful on the job.


About SVN International Corp.

SVN International Corp. has over 200 franchise offices throughout the country specializing in commercial real estate brokerage (sales and leasing). SVN® is a brand known for being inclusive and building trust within the industry through its open and transparent sales process. Working with our Shared Value Network™ we build demand for our properties through our shared fee incentives, online marketing platforms, and SVN | Live® weekly property broadcasts. We also work with clients who are seeking locations to grow their companies. We are the industry’s leader in collaboration and our culture gives every broker the opportunity to succeed on his or her own while also being part of a larger team that works, plays and wins together.

Always Looking for Good People

Most brokers choose commercial real estate because it combines autonomy, flexibility, profitability and a passion for client service excellence;however what may be lacking is a clear point of differentiation that can give them a competitive and creative edge.

In a study done by Pepperdine University, the top 5 things brokers want most are:

  • National Brand Leverage
  • Support Staff
  • Marketing Materials
  • Technology Support
  • True Cooperation
SVN Rock Advisors Inc. offers all these and much more.

If you’re a broker who wants to make a difference in your career – one that can maximize profit product offering, support systems and earning potential, it’s time to talk to SVN Rock Advisors Inc.


Nick Obradovic, Sales Associate on the Major Apartment Transaction Team, shares why he chose to work at SVN Rock Advisors.


Commercial Real Estate Careers

Interested in joining the team?

We Believe in Co-Brokerage

At SVN Rock Advisors Inc., we believe in Co-Brokerage. We believe the industry as a whole, and everybody in it, benefits if brokers work together to bring deals to the wider marketplace. We believe that, by working together as an industry, we can generate more and better business for all. If you’re interested in co-brokering with us, we’d love to hear from you.


50% Commission. 100% of the Time.

We believe in sharing fees to give incentive to a wider network of buyers. With an expansive network comes higher visibility and increased demand, resulting in a higher value for clients.


The 9.6% Report

Compensated cooperation guarantees that equitable co-brokerage fees are paid on all properties, and not only to brokers within the same company, but to any and all outside brokers involved. When fees and buyer pools are shared, properties generate a higher demand and price, resulting in the most value for everyone involved.

50/50 by 2020

SVN® strives to provide opportunities to those who are underrepresented in the commercial real estate industry, regardless of gender or race. We are committed to achieve a balance of diverse talent of 50/50 by 2020.

We thank you for your interest; however, only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.