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The following are positions that we are actively recruiting for:

Are you keenly interested in real estate?  Are you very motivated, organized and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment?

Are you a natural team player who thrives in a mutually supportive environment? This isn’t a fit for a lone wolf.

Do your excellent time management skills and natural entrepreneurial spirit mean you are rarely intimidated by a heavy workload while solving complex business issues? Are you naturally positive, enthusiastic and know that there are no minor tasks in a team environment?

If you can say yes to the above, are ready to work in a rare opportunity setting, then bring us your experience in general Real Estate, Real Estate development and construction, apartment rentals, Real Estate financial analysis, and tell us how we can benefit from our business relationship together across Canada.

Our interview process is intensive and always a team-driven collaborative decision making process. So, the opportunities we have listed below will only be filled when the team feels the right person has come along.

Our team is lucrative, cohesive, positive and exceptional.

Tell us how we would be more exceptional with you!

Look through the available positions above and below, and please drop by our office with your resume to be considered.