Derek Lobo CV

Curriculum Vitae

SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage – CEO (2007 – present)
SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage is a Commercial Real Estate firm, specializing in rental apartments, new apartment construction, and student housing. SVN Rock Advisors has brokered well over $1 billion in apartment transactions across Canada.

SVN Canada Inc. – CEO (2015 – present)
Master franchise for the largest privately held commercial brokerage in the world. Derek has and plans on establishing 40 franchises over 10 years.

Derek A. Lobo & Associates Inc. (DALA) Group of Companies – CEO (1988 – present)
DALA Group of Companies is a consulting agency focused on the revenue maximization of purpose-built apartments. DALA Group advises apartment owners on how to maximize their NOI and is typically paid on performance. We conduct on-site marketing programs, feasibility studies on new apartment construction, and research market conditions to assist clients in increasing cash flow.

Public Company Positions:

  • Board Member, Starlight Multi-Family Fund (2013-present)


  • Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO)
  • Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
  • Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB)

Past Positions:

  • President, Hamilton & District Apartment Association (Jan 1991-Dec 1993)
  • Board Member, Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario


  • Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario (1977-1980)

U.S. Experience

Derek has worked in over 17 U.S. states including Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Derek has worked for numerous U.S. apartment clients including Home Properties, Equity Residential, Lane Company, Flagship Properties, Pinnacle Property Management, and Village Green Companies.

Well-known for his thought leadership, Derek is a captivating speaker on topics affecting the Apartment Industry, and the factors driving its future in both Canada and the U.S. Derek has spoken to several American organizations including National Apartment Association, National Multi-Housing Council, and Multi-Housing World.

Derek has illustrated the power of (re)-positioning to Canadian apartment developers, investors, and owners by hosting intimate tours of key properties in prime U.S. markets. These jet-charted events provided valuable exposure to successful high-end rental apartment concepts.

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 How to Take a Building to Rent Review

The book generated $100,000.00 in revenue.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”1987 – 1990″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-megaphone” event_title=”Rent Review Consultant” event_icon=”ts-awesome-comments-o” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]Represented beneficial apartment owners through the quasi-judicial rent review and application process. Hearings were conducted under the statutory procedures act. Derek became an expert in Ontario rent regulation.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_fullwidth=”true” event_date=”1988″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-location” event_title=”Established Derek A. Lobo & Associate (DALA) Group of Companies” event_icon=”ts-awesome-briefcase” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]DALA Group of Companies is a consulting agency focused on the revenue maximization of purpose-built apartments. DALA Group advises apartment owners on how to maximize their NOI and is typically paid on performance. We conduct on-site marketing programs, feasibility studies on new apartment construction, and research market conditions to assist clients in increasing cash flow.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”1990 – Present” event_dateicon=”dashicons-megaphone” event_title=”Performance Based Consulting and Asset Management” event_icon=”ts-awesome-line-chart” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]In the late 80’s and early 90’s Derek spent considerable time in the U.S. acquiring practical knowledge on the sales and marketing of rental apartments and brought expertise back to the Canadian marketplace. Consulting services included NOI enhancement, sales training, marketing plans, contract leasing, rental pricing strategy, mystery shopping, and filling other gaps in the rental housing industry.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”1993″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-calendar” event_title=”Self-Published” event_icon=”ts-awesome-book” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]

 How to Rent Apartments Fast!

A 500-page book which included two videos. The book generated $250,000.00 in sales.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”1996″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-calendar” event_title=”Self-Produced” event_icon=”ts-awesome-video-camera” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]

RentSmart Video Academy

A training system that included 12 videos and 12 cassette tapes, along with books. The training program generated $250,000.00 in sales.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2003 – Present” event_dateicon=”dashicons-megaphone” event_title=”Student Housing Consulting” event_icon=”ts-awesome-graduation-cap” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]In early 2000’s Derek recognised there was no functioning student housing business market in Canada and was the first Canadian (after studying the U.S. market) to enter the student housing consulting market. Derek ran his first student housing symposium in 2012 and has been responsible for the sale of over $300 million in student housing transactions.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_fullwidth=”true” event_date=”2007″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-location” event_title=”Established ROCK Advisors Inc., Brokerage” event_icon=”ts-awesome-briefcase” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]ROCK was the first brokerage firm in Canada to combine advisory services and a boutique apartment brokerage.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2007″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-info” event_title=”Sold” event_icon=”ts-awesome-building” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]Canada’s first Student Housing Portfolio to a division of CDP Capital (the largest pension fund in Canada).[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2011 – Present” event_dateicon=”dashicons-megaphone” event_title=”New Apartment Construction Consulting” event_icon=”ts-awesome-wrench” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]Using the same process for student housing, Derek analysed his U.S. counterparts and developed a New Apartment Construction consulting business. Today Derek A. Lobo and Associates (DALA) is the largest consulting firm in this sector in Canada. Services include new apartment construction feasibility studies for developers and lenders, project financing, strategic marketing planning, asset management, and disposition.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2011″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-info” event_title=”Sold the largest apartment transaction in Canada” event_icon=”ts-awesome-building” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″ media_type=”youtube” media_videoyoutube=”” media_lightboxvideo=”true” media_videocustom=”true” media_videocover=”9305″ media_singlealt=”Cherry Hill Apartment Complex Video” media_videorelated=”false” media_height=”height: auto;” media_width=”75″ lightbox_transition=”simpleFade” lightbox_backlight=”hideit”]The transaction included 13 buildings – 2,300 apartment units, a shopping centre, and a medical office building – in London Ontario. The property was bought by a major Canadian pension fund, the largest private financial equity group in Canada, and a one of the larger owner/operator/developers in the country. Watch the Cherry Hill video.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2012 – Present” event_dateicon=”dashicons-clock” event_title=”North American New Apartment Construction and Mixed-Use Symposium and Expo #AptCon” event_icon=”ts-awesome-graduation-cap” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]Show Guide Covers from 2013 to 2017Recognising the lack of information on New Apartment Construction in the Canadian marketplace, ROCK began hosting 2-day conferences on New Apartment Construction. The symposium has established itself as an industry event in the Canadian development industry.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2015″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-location” event_title=”Reinventing Commercial Brokerage in Canada” event_icon=”ts-awesome-birthday-cake” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″ media_type=”youtube” media_videoyoutube=”” media_lightboxvideo=”true” media_videocustom=”true” media_videocover=”9311″ media_singlealt=”The SVN Difference” media_videorelated=”false” media_height=”height: auto;” media_width=”75″ link_icon=””]Derek acquires Master Franchise rights for SVN in Canada. Derek recognised the commercial brokerage industry worldwide was fractured and dysfunctional and concluded that the SVN business model of transparency and commission sharing would always serve the clients needs better than the exclusive listing, non-commission sharing model that is predominant throughout the world. Derek plans on establishing 40 franchises over 10 years. Play the SVN Difference video.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_fullwidth=”true” event_date=”2015″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-location” event_title=”Established the first SVN franchise in Canada” event_icon=”ts-awesome-briefcase” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″]SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage was established as the first SVN franchise outside of the USA. Initially, a rebranding of ROCK, SVN Rock Advisors has since incorporated the Research and Consultancy work previously done through DALA.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date=”2017″ event_dateicon=”dashicons-calendar” event_title=”Sold the largest new apartment complex in Canadian history” event_icon=”ts-awesome-building” event_iconcolor=”#f47c00″ media_type=”youtube” media_videoyoutube=”” media_lightboxvideo=”true” media_videocustom=”true” media_videocover=”13643″ media_singlealt=”William’s Court at Kanata Lakes” media_videorelated=”false” media_height=”height: auto;” media_width=”75″]Over 700 units at a sale price of $250 million.

Watch the video of the transaction.[/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event][/TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Container]

Recent Clients

Apartment developers / REITs:

CAPREIT, Starlight Investments, Morguard Corporation, Northern Property REIT, Rose Corporation, Shiplake Properties Ltd.\

Student housing developers:

Campus Suites, MPI Group Inc., CSC Asset Management.

Condominium & single-family home developers:

WAM Developments, Lanterra Developments, Empire Communities, Kaitlin Corporation, Times Group, Tribute Communities.

Retail developers / REITs:

First Capital Realty, SmartREIT, RioCan REIT.

Mixed-use developers / other:

Chartwell Retirement Residences, Hines Group, Vrancor, Broccolini Group, Procura, Nearctic Development Corporation.

Financial institutions:

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Royal Bank of Canada, KingSett Capital.